Hamoud Boualem, founded in 1878, is the oldest Algerian company still in operation. Its founder was then established in the district of Belcourt. The success came quickly in 1889 at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, where Hamoud Boualem was awarded a gold medal.

Today, the Hamoud Boualem group has diversified and has six (06)  youcef hamoudproduction units under the label Hamoud Boualem. In addition to the historic production unit of Hassiba (Algiers), a new production unit in Boufarik (launched in 2015), a soft drink production unit in Oued Tlelat, Oran (launched in 2007).

Hamoud Boualem owns 40% of shares of SBA (Sodas et Boissons d'Algérie), which produces the whole range in returnable 1L glass bottles. In 2001, a license was granted to a bottler, Hafiz Limonaderie, for the production of the range of 25 Cl and 1 L glass bottles.The fruit juice range is also bottled in hot fill (free of preservatives) in PET 1L, 2L and 33Cl in Sétif by the Sun Fruits SARL which Hamoud Boualem holds 25% of shares. A license is attributed to the PAROT Source in France for the manufacture of "Selecto" and "Hamoud la gazouz blanche".

Today Hamoud Boualem is also exported and distributed in various countries in Europe and Canada.



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